Nov 3, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 27 (P*ssy Gate)

Part 26: The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 26

Part 27...

MELANIA TRUMP ADDRESSES PUSSYGATE OCTOBER 18, 2016 - In interviews with CNN and Fox News, Melania Trump responds to the "Access Hollywood" tape that reveals her husband Donald Trump boasting about sexual assault. (6:20)

BETWEEN THE SCENES - THE EVOLUTION OF PUSSYGATE OCTOBER 19, 2016 - Trevor breaks down the many excuses Donald Trump's campaign has given to defend his Pussygate scandal. (1:19)

DONALD TRUMP: LIBEL BULLY OCTOBER 25, 2016 - After Donald Trump threatens to sue his sexual assault accusers, the American Bar Association examines how often the presidential hopeful uses lawsuits to intimidate critics. (5:50)

EMBED WITH DESI - MEET THE TRUMPETTESNOVEMBER 2, 2016 - Desi Lydic gets to know the founder of the Trumpettes, a grassroots group of wealthy women campaigning for Donald Trump. (6:16)

THE FINAL CLINTON VS. TRUMP DEBATE OCTOBER 19, 2016 - During the final presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump denies being a "puppet" for Vladimir Putin, and Hillary Clinton tries to discredit WikiLeaks revelations. (11:39)

DONALD TRUMP TRIES TO APPEAL TO BLACK CHILDREN OCTOBER 18, 2016 - Presidential hopeful Donald Trump makes not-so-great strides in his effort to appeal to African-American youths. (3:06)

HILLARY CLINTON LIVES THE BLACK EXPERIENCE NOVEMBER 2, 2016 - With Donald Trump polling shockingly low among African Americans ahead of the 2016 election, Trevor explains why Hillary Clinton has a distinct advantage with black voters. (8:34)

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