Nov 14, 2016

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 4

Background: 1. The Ultimate Collection Of 50 Fox News Lies Exposed By The Daily Show & Backed By Politifact
2. Case Study: The Fox News Echo Chamber Model Of "News" Is Designed To Encourage Dictatorships & Destroy Democracy

HEADLINES - IT'S SHACKLES DAY! JUNE 22, 2005 - Your loud continuous drumbeat of misinformation with Neil Cavuto to premier on Fox News. (2:11)

AVIAN FLU OCTOBER 20, 2005 - As most news networks emphasis the worst parts of the bird flu epidemic, Stephen takes a cue from Fox News and throws a little bit of Lisa Loeb into his reporting. (2:48)

MOMENT OF ZEN - LONDON COVERAGEJULY 11, 2005 - After the London bombings, a man on Fox News says it's time to buy stock. (0:14)

SHOULD WE BE SHOWING THIS? AUGUST 10, 2005 - Terrorists are using the media to spread hate and Fox News demonstrates by showing a terrorist message of hate. (2:08)

MOMENT OF ZEN - STUPID TO BE OUT SEPTEMBER 26, 2005 - A Fox News reporter feels it is stupid to be out in the wind and rain of Hurricane Rita. (0:09)

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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