Nov 6, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 14 (2007)

MOMENT OF ZEN - LEARN TO COOK FEBRUARY 13, 2007 -  A CNN reporter's refrigerator is a little bit upsetting. (0:21)

DEATH FRIDGE FOR LARRY FEBRUARY 13, 2007 - Concerned it's heading for collapse in a Florida hotel, CNN turns the lens on its own refrigeration. (2:12)

MOMENT OF ZEN - WAR CZAR APRIL 18, 2007 - CNN's Jack Cafferty is not a fan of a cabinet job title. (0:12)

BONUS WAG - BUSH GRAPHIC MAY 15, 2007 - Stephen gives a bonus wag to CNN International for airing a "Bush Resigns" graphic when they meant Tony Blair. He then shows us exactly how much time Bush has left in office. (2:30)

MOMENT OF ZEN - FRED THOMPSON AND MARGARET THATCHER JUNE 20, 2007 - A CNN correspondent gets excited about Fred Thompson meeting Margaret Thatcher. (0:12)

The Daily Show Does CNN

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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