Nov 5, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 13 (2006)

HEADLINES - CNN IREPORT SEPTEMBER 27, 2006 - Ever wish you could say that you report for CNN? No? (3:03)

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN'S TORTURE SIMULATIONS SEPTEMBER 27, 2006 - Computer simulations of prisoners being tortured through waterboarding, sleep deprivation and hypothermia. (0:18)

HEADLINES - NORTH KOREA THREAT OCTOBER 9, 2006 - CNN knows that North Korea may have made good on their nuclear threat, but that only fills fifteen seconds of air-time. (2:16)

MOMENT OF ZEN - UDAY AND QUSAY OCTOBER 18, 2006 - A CNN anchor reports tentative news of the death of Saddam Hussein's two sons. (0:18)

On Topic - Cable News - CNN - Terrible segments, inappropriate stock footage and anchors who don't want to be there are a few reasons why CNN can't connect with viewers. (4:11) 

The Daily Show Does CNN

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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