Nov 15, 2016

Overview of 9/11 With The Daily Show - Part 17

I THOUGHT WE ALREADY TOOK CARE OF THIS S@#T JULY 28, 2011 - The 9/11 Health Care Bill for Ground Zero first responders covers coughing, laryngitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome -- but not cancer. (2:54)

CULTURE WAR UPDATE - THE DIVIDENING OF AMERICA - AMERICAN ATHEISTS VS. GROUND ZERO CROSS AUGUST 4, 2011 - The American Atheists organization files a lawsuit to exclude a steel beam Ground Zero cross from the 9/11 memorial, suggesting a giant atom sculpture instead. (2:56)

SANJAY GUPTA SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 - Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the contentious issue of the World Trade Center's carcinogenic dust and its consequences for 9/11 first responders. (8:06)

TOM BROKAW SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 - Tom Brokaw recalls the experience of reporting on the 9/11 attacks and explores how Americans have been shaped by the tragedy. (6:06)

SHOPPING GRIEFPORTUNITIES SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 - If Americans can exploit the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to make a quick buck, it's like hitting the terrorists with economic Jujitsu. (4:38)

Daily Show on 9/11 & It's Effects

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