Nov 25, 2016

Dick Cheney's "Blind Trust" Was Probably Never A Blind Trust To Begin With... He Used American Taxpayer Money AND Lives To Make Money Off Of Iraqi Oil (& He Drew Up The Plans BEFORE 9/11!!!)

Look what the Trump Presidency has revealed to us so far (we have no laws to prevent the government and US people being used as a personal piggy bank! That's what Cheney did with the Iraq War AND 9/11! ... & the media covered it up like the Iraq War);

As Trump puts it "The president is allowed to have whatever conflicts he wants"!;

Key barrier to presidential impropriety: shame Rachel Maddow notes that the rules for conflicts of interest are different for the president, and President-elect knows this and is not bothered by appearance of using the presidency to service his business interests. (i.e what she is really saying is that there is no law to prevent a President, once in power, to use the US like a piggy bank)

i.e. what Martha Stewart went to jail for doesn't apply to a President (or Congress) which explains alot of the last several decades;

MARTHA CONVICTED MARCH 8, 2004 - Be sure to catch Stephen Colbert's special report on Martha Stewart's private life, tomorrow night at 7 on "Martha Stewart: Under the Linen." (3:19)

AMERICA'S NEXT TARP MODELDECEMBER 1, 2011 - A Bloomberg report reveals that the U.S. government loaned banks $7.7 trillion in secret bailout funds at no interest and then borrowed the money back at interest. (7:53)

Now compare to this discovery to what Cheney did;

Documentary Extract: "Why We Did It" - The Invasion of Iraq (FULL) 

Highlights showing Cheney's connections to the oil companies and the planning for take over of the oil fields of Iraq that took place in the Bush Administration... months before 9/11!!!!

All this time Dick Cheney, the Bush's and Fox News have been trying to hide the fact that Dick Cheney was making money off the Iraq War when he didn't have to cause we have no law from using the American economy or American people as his personal piggy back and security force, like a king!

Notice At 50 seconds: A young Mitt Romney (from many years before he decided to run for the Presidency, obviously)... tells his blind trust what it can OR cannot do. (i.e. people can tell or hint at thier "blind trusts" to tell em what to do... in other words, Cheney probably got a message to his blind trust as well... not saying it matters, it's legal for a King to use the country as he please, just saying he is trying to hide what he did when he doesn't have to. Once you make it to President you can do whatever the hell you want)

More About Dick Cheney

Note: There are Constitutional limits but they seem to be dependent on the Senate and Congress being in the opposing party (or so it seems... didn't seem to apply to the Iraq War even under Obama);

Trump tweet on potential business conflicts New reports suggest Trump could have serious conflicts of interests as president due to his international business connections. Trump has lashed out at those reports on Twitter. Ari Melber discusses the concerns with Paul Butler and David Frum.

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