Oct 13, 2016

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 3

Part 2: The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 2

Part 3...

AMERICA FREAKS OUT - IMMINENT SPECULATION OCTOBER 30, 2001 - John Ashcroft ruins a perfect day of relaxation with a warning of potential, imminent terrorist attacks. (4:15)

TRUCK ON FIRE! NOVEMBER 8, 2001 - The resuming of flights of the Concorde sends a message to international terrorists: you can't stop our super-rich. (4:40)

PATRIOTIC POP CULTURE EDITORIALS NOVEMBER 13, 2001 - We shall never succumb to the terrorist's effort to stop the flow of porn for men too timid to purchase actual porn. (3:52)

OPERATION ENDURING COVERAGE - COFFEE KLATCH NOVEMBER 27, 2001 - U.S. officials are shifting strategy from a war on terrorism to a coffee klatch on terrorism. (1:36)

OPERATION ENDURING COVERAGE - CHARISMA VORTEX NOVEMBER 28, 2001 - Attorney General Ashcroft emerges from his Charisma Vortex to update Congress about the war on terror. (1:24)

Daily Show on 9/11 & It's Effects

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