Oct 12, 2016

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 1

HEADLINES - HOLLYWOOD TERROR OCTOBER 9, 2001 - The U.S. Army turns to the writers of MacGyver and Being John Malkovich for advice in the war on terror. (3:57)

THE WEST WING OCTOBER 4, 2001 - A disturbing terrorist attack scenario on "The West Wing" leaves viewers wondering if it could have already happened here. (1:34)

POST-TERROR ECONOMIC ROUND-UP - Walt Disney World has asked thousands of its employees to take a cut in hours and salary. (2:43)

POST-TERROR ECONOMIC ROUND-UP - PLANET HOLLYWOOD OCTOBER 23, 2001 - No one anticipated that the concept of eating a TGIFridays meal while staring at a motorcycle from a Patrick Swayze movie would fail. (0:54)

POST-TERROR ECONOMIC ROUND-UP - TRADE CONVENTIONS OCTOBER 23, 2001 - So few conventioneers showed up to Chicago's Food Expo that exhibitors were forced to mingle amongst themselves. (0:50)

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & "Terrorism"

America's Double Standard On Terrorism

GOP & Fox News Hypocrisy On Religion & Guns

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