Oct 6, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 19 (Trump Threatens Hillary, Fights Bloomberg & Makes Putin His Best "Secret Friend")

DID DONALD TRUMP CALL FOR HILLARY CLINTON'S ASSASSINATION? AUGUST 10, 2016 After Donald Trump urges Second Amendment advocates to thwart Hillary Clinton, the media tries to figure out if he was actually joking about shooting her. (10:00)

REACTING TO DONALD TRUMP'S DICEY SECOND AMENDMENT COMMENTS AUGUST 10, 2016 Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. gauge Trump supporters' reactions to the presidential hopeful calling on gun rights advocates to act against Hillary Clinton. (4:20)

DONALD TRUMP'S SHADY TIES TO RUSSIA JULY 27, 2016 - After Donald Trump denies any involvement in a DNC hacking scandal, the GOP presidential nominee calls on Russia to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails. (8:22)

THE BILLIONAIRE BRAWL: MICHAEL BLOOMBERG VS. DONALD TRUMP JULY 29, 2016After former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls out Donald Trump at the DNC, the GOP presidential hopeful responds as only he can. (3:41)

DONALD TRUMP PREDICTS A RIGGED ELECTION AUGUST 8, 2016 - After Donald Trump accuses Democrats of planning to rig the presidential election, Trevor reflects on past instances of electoral fraud in the U.S. (9:59)

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