Oct 10, 2016

The Daily Show On Christmas - Part 1

BACK IN BLACK - CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS NOVEMBER 17, 1999 - If Lewis Black's math is right, Christmas is just two days after Thanksgiving. (2:13)

HEADLINES - TOY MEETS WORLD FEBRUARY 9, 1999 - Jon reviews some of the highlights from the 76th annual American International Toy Fair, which will lodge in kids' throats by this Christmas. (1:31)

NEWS 4 KIDS - CHRISTMAS 4 KIDS DECEMBER 20, 1999 - As everyone knows, there is no Santa and all letters to him are distributed equally amongst television shows and prisons. (3:15)

BACK IN BLACK - CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 21, 1999 - On New Year's Eve, instead of a tuxedo, Lewis Black will go buck-naked and hang a chandelier from his scrotum. Or mistletoe. (2:14)

Christmas Stuff

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