Oct 11, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 2

Part 1: The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 1

Part 2...

DANCING BUSH FAN NOVEMBER 8, 2000 - CNN can't make up its mind as to who has won Florida. (2:32)

The election was decided by a Supreme Court ruling (a vote count did NOT decide this "democratic" election). Later Bush did many extraordinary things the most provable being the Iraq War of which proof of media complicity in its coverup exists in full - in mainstream media - despite it's continuous corporate media coverup. Network news seems to have 'been in on it' from the beginning. (Note: Officially Bush won Florida AND the 2000 election by 537 votes... if you take into account 'vote slips they chose not to count' and the fact that a GOP led Supreme Court decided the election - given what we know of partisan politics in the Supreme Court - we have Judges complicity in GOP crimes, which should be taken into account if the GOP ever have to pay for their crimes like regular citizens).

OTHER NEWS - ANCHOR SORES JUNE 1, 2000 - CNN celebrates its twentieth anniversary. (1:49)

HEADLINES - THIS IS CNN? AUGUST 14, 2001 - CNN Headlines News's new look offers a great way to find out everything without the pressure of retaining anything. (4:27)

AMERICA FREAKS OUT - CNN'S SIX QUESTIONS OCTOBER 17, 2001 - Mo Rocca analyzes CNN's six questions for Osama bin Laden, which have been cleverly crafted to perplex him into submission. (3:04)

MOMENT OF ZEN - MAP DECEMBER 18, 2001 - A CNN reporter paints a map of Afghanistan using different colors for the different groups of people inhabiting it. (0:19)

The Daily Show Does CNN

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