Oct 1, 2016

Daily Show On Bill O Reilly: 2008 (Part 1)

THE LOST O'REILLY TAPES PT. 1 APRIL 23, 2008 - Shadowy forces are suppressing the truth about chupacabras, extraterrestrials and, most importantly, what's become of Stephen's O'Reilly interview footage. (1:34)

BILL O'REILLY ON "INSIDE EDITION" MAY 13, 2008 - As far as Stephen is concerned, Bill O'Reilly did nothing wrong in a confusing "Inside Edition" clip. (5:33)

THE LOST O'REILLY TAPES PT. 2 JUNE 4, 2008 - On January 18, 2007, William Jefferson O'Reilly was interviewed for seven minutes, but only five of those minutes made it to air. (1:47)

GREEN SCREEN CHALLENGE - BILL O'REILLY RANT JULY 17, 2008 - John McCain is united with Stephen's other favorite person, Bill O'Reilly. (4:22)

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