Aug 17, 2016

The Daily Show On Women 4 - The GOP's War On Women

Part 3: The Daily Show On Women 3 - An Introduction To The GOP's Relationship With Women

Part 4...

THE PUNANNY STATE FEBRUARY 20, 2012 - Congress convenes an all-male contraception panel in an effort to find balance between religious liberty and the realities of the secular world. (6:42)

THE VAGINA IDEOLOGUES - SEAN HANNITY'S HOLY SAUSAGE FEST FEBRUARY 13, 2012 - In response to the Obama administration's birth control coverage mandate, Christian conservatives equate themselves to victims of actual religious persecution. (5:02)

JON STEWART'S EYE ON THE LADIES FEBRUARY 20, 2012John Oliver, Jason Jones, Aasif Mandvi and Jessica Williams consider whether insurance plans provided by religious institutional employers should include contraception. (3:12)

PUNANNY STATE - VIRGINIA'S TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND BILL FEBRUARY 21, 2012 - A Virginia bill states that any woman seeking an abortion must first lie back in a chair with her feet in stirrups and a 10-inch ultrasound wand in her vagina. (5:33)

TIP/WAG: PHEROMONE PARTIES & ARIZONA'S "PRE-LIFE" LAWSAPRIL 23, 2012 Pheromone parties encourage premarital smelling, and Arizona lawmakers declare that pregnancy begins two weeks before conception. (4:22) 

CULTURE WAR UPDATE - THE DIVIDENING OF AMERICA - DANA PERINO VS. FREE BIRTH CONTROL AUGUST 4, 2011- The Dividening of America - Dana Perino vs. Free Birth Control (1:43)

Related news video;

Conway on sex-selective abortion in U.S.- Anderson Cooper fact-checks Kellyanne Conway's statements that sex-selective abortion occurs in the United States.

Flashback - How the GOP's anti science positions affects their policies towards women (as the above CNN video illustrates);

Arizona lawmakers declare that pregnancy begins two weeks before conception

Doctors debunk Rep. Todd Akin's comments on rape and pregnancy

Paul Ryan's Record Looks Alot Like Todd Akins

Paul Ryan Defends His Abortion Record In The General Elections

Rick Santorum on abortion: A child conceived through rape should be accepted as a 'gift from God'

Mitt Romney On Abortions (For and Against!)

Rachel Maddow Video: Here is the GOP answering questions on abortion etc. during the general elections

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