Aug 16, 2016

The Daily Show On Women 3 - An Introduction To The GOP's Relationship With Women

Part 3;

THE VULGAR GAMES - REPUBLICAN POLICY ROUTINE MARCH 13, 2012 - Following Rush Limbaugh's Fluke-slut diatribe, Kristen Schaal discovers that Republican policies speak even louder to women than their conservative radio jerks. (5:08)

DEMOCALYPSE 2014 - WINNING THE LADY VOTE OCTOBER 8, 2014 - Women will likely determine the outcome of the midterm elections, and Kristen Schaal reports on the GOP's outreach campaign to woo the prized demographic. (6:41)

THE MARRIED VS. SINGLE WOMAN VOTE NOVEMBER 14, 2012 - Married women prove to be the lone bright spot on the GOP's demographic map, and Kristen Schaal explains why single women don't care about America's future. (6:36)

GIRLS ON THE SIDE DECEMBER 4, 2012 - To entice women voters and win back the White House, the GOP has to try a little harder. (3:49)

THE MIDTERM ROUND-UP - THE GOP'S LADY PROBLEMS SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 - While Republicans struggle to appeal to female voters, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown finds a way to demonstrate his appreciation for women. (6:06)

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