Aug 25, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Sean Hannity - Part 1

Hannity's style is what the right-wing media landscape was built on ... and what the liberal media is so afraid of they won't even start a network ratings boosting anchor/pundit war for fear of getting yelled at by a bunch of easy-to-prove liars (probably why Trump thought it was OK to say '2nd Amendment people can do something about it' i.e. Fox News uses rhetoric that could get people killed all the time so Trump thought it was OK. Examples from Fox News's past includes Gabby Gifford , an abortion doctor as well as a more recent Planned Parenthood shooting which seems to have been motivated by one of the GOP/FoxNews's Presidential candidates. There are other examples but I'm keeping this short.) Hannity is one of the Fox News "pundits" who's primary tactic is rudeness and rude shutdowns. This bullying style is marketed as news while liberal media, well, liberal media is scared of loud noises.

OH THE SPEW-HANNITY OCTOBER 3, 2012 - Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson expose an explosive 2007 video of Barack Obama echoing the racially-charged sentiments of notorious black liberation theologist George W. Bush. (5:03)

MOMENT OF ZEN - A LOT OF VERY EMBARRASSED PEOPLE - JUNE 16, 2014 - In an interview from 2003, Sean Hannity discusses how embarrassing it will be when skeptics of the Iraq War turn out to be wrong. (0:14)

Turns out these are the kind of people who not only don't get embarrassed they double down on a lie. It's not like we don't have proof of what really happened;

More Daily Show Videos On the Iraq Oil War (Covered Up By Fox News)

Where's the embarrassment? The apology for being wrong and misleading the Nation? Clearly, to Hannity and Fox News, it's not embarrassing when Hannity makes a mistake, only when others do who are not on Fox News. 

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A collection of weird video clips;

GREAT MOMENTS IN PUNDITRY - Sean Hannity threatens to turn Art Torres' microphone down. (0:59)

GREAT MOMENTS IN PUNDITRY - PLEASE PLAY FAIR DECEMBER 8, 2004 - Sean Hannity reprimands Democratic Strategist Peter Fenn for repeatedly interrupting Ann Coulter. (1:38)

GREAT MOMENTS IN PUNDITRY - JOHN SYLVESTER SEPTEMBER 28, 2005 - JEFF GARLIN 09/28/2005 Sean Hannity calls radio host John Sylvester and awful person for calling Condoleezza Rice "Aunt Jemima." (1:18)

GREAT MOMENTS IN PUNDITRY - ART TORRES MAY 6, 2004 - Two children read a transcript of an argument between Art Torres and Sean Hannity on a "Hannity and Colmes" episode. (1:00)

ONLY THE LONELY MAY 2, 2007 - Sean Hannity defends the lonely people in this world who call escorts just to have the company. (1:16)

GORE'S GARBAGE FEBRUARY 27, 2007 When Hannity and Colmes couldn't get Al Gore on their show to answer charges of excessive energy consumption, they attacked the next logical person: Daryl Hannah. (5:16)

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