Aug 30, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Megyn Kelly - Part 1

ANCHOR MANAGEMENT MARCH 3, 2010 - Megyn Kelly presents a balanced picture of the health care summit by randomly selecting four people who all think the bill is a terrible idea. (10:10)10

MOMENT OF ZEN - MEGYN KELLY CRACKS UPNOVEMBER 11, 2010 - Megyn Kelly laughs uncontrollably over the idea of getting your spouse to stuff you in the freezer after a heart attack. (1:05)

MOMENT OF ZEN - JUSTIN BIEBER TEA PARTY CONTROVERSY SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 - Megyn Kelly wants to know if CBS is using Justin Bieber to attack the Tea Party movement. (0:11)

LACTATE INTOLERANCE AUGUST 11, 2011 - Fox News' Megyn Kelly returns from maternity leave with a more liberal perspective on mandated benefits and entitlement programs. (4:53)

24-HOUR NAZI PARTY PEOPLEJANUARY 24, 2011 - Jon challenges his staff to find someone on Megyn Kelly's show making a Nazi comparison before he finishes a home perm kit. (8:29)

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