Aug 29, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 6 (2010)

Part 5: The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 5 (2010)

Part 6...

CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIAN MARCH 18, 2010 - Glenn Beck didn't want to have to tell you that people who believe in safety belts are killing America. (13:05)

GLENN BECK ATTACKS SOCIAL JUSTICE - JAMES MARTIN MARCH 18, 2010 - James Martin works with the poor because he believes in capitalism, but he knows it doesn't provide for everyone. (7:03)

A LOOK BACK - MAY 2010 12/20/2010 BP ruins the Gulf of Mexico, and Glenn Beck uses more Nazi footage than the History Channel. (4:28)

BACK IN BLACK - GLENN BECK'S NAZI TOURETTE'S MAY 12, 2010 -  Glenn Beck plays "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," except there's just one degree and Kevin Bacon is Hitler. (5:55)

MOMENT OF ZEN - BREAD BAG BOOTS MARCH 18, 2010 - Glenn Beck remembers when he wore bread bag boots and his grandpa ate lard sandwiches. (0:11)

STEPHEN'S SOUND ADVICE - HOW TO ACE THE SATS MAY 12, 2010 - An MIT study finds that longer essays get better scores, so ideally your writing section should read like Glenn Beck's teleprompter. (5:07)

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