Aug 28, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 3 (2009)

Part 2: The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 2 (2009)

Part 3...

GLENN BECK'S OPERATION AUGUST 13, 2009 - If only the ailing Glenn Beck, 16 months ago, had received the health care he's raving about today. (3:48)

MAD MEN SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 - Glenn Beck inspires real Americans to travel to Washington, DC to express outrage over their government. (2:57)

INTRO - 10/8/09 OCTOBER 8, 2009The media attacks Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh may buy a football team, and Colin Beavan makes no environmental impact. (0:35)

BEND IT LIKE BECK OCTOBER 8, 2009 - Stephen understands what Glenn Beck is going through when the media doubts his sincerity. (6:58)

MOMENT OF ZEN - KATIE COURIC INTERVIEWS GLENN BECK OCTOBER 6, 2009 - Glenn Beck refuses to give Katie Couric a sound bite during an interview. (0:16)

MOMENT OF ZEN - GLENN BECK CALLS OUT ESCORTS NOVEMBER 11, 2009 - Glenn Beck is done with political correctness, so he calls an escort what he really thinks she is. (0:12)

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