Aug 6, 2016

Meet The Democrats - Part 1 (Colbert Report & Daily Show Compilation)

Exploring the idiosyncrasies of the Democratic party with the Dialy Show & Colbert Report.

ON TOPIC - POLITICAL PARTIES - THE DEMOCRATS 11/26/2014 Stephen explores the weaknesses of the Democratic Party and explains why it's natural to assume that a misbehaving politician is a Democrat. (3:57)

Are Democrats Useless For Law & Order?

A GOP Campaign pitch...

Moment of Zen - Condoleezza Rice testifies before the 9/11 investigation commission regarding Osama Bin Laden. (0:23):

Related articleTrump Was Right About Bush, 9/11, and IraqGeorge W. Bush has culpability for both 9/11 and the Iraq war. Keep the pressure on, Donald.

Funny the Democrats are using the opposite strategy of Trump i.e. the EXACT same strategy as Bush!

WHERE WERE THE DEMOCRATS?MAY 29, 2003 - DAVID HALBERSTAM 05/29/2003 Bill Clinton invites rich people to make him one good argument in favor of the Bush tax cuts. (1:44)

DEMOCRATS ON THE LAMMAY 13, 2003 - JOSH JACKSON 05/13/2003 Rob Corddry explains that the Texas democrats are trying to conduct the people's business while subsisting only on the contents of their mini-bars. (2:28)

BUDGET SEQUESTRATION FEBRUARY 28, 2013 - JON FAVREAU 02/28/2013 Because Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement over the debt ceiling, Obama's sequester will cripple programs that both sides love. (5:36)

EXCLUSIVE - NANCY PELOSI EXTENDED INTERVIEW PT. 3 NOVEMBER 9, 2011 - NANCY PELOSI 11/09/2011 In this unedited, extended interview, Nancy Pelosi asserts that the U.S. economy depends on a strong middle class and calls for Democrats to reignite the American dream. (4:50)

Nancy Pelosi argues that we need to increase the middle class again (apparently, by electing a person who helped create this problem with NAFTA and financial deregulation with bail outs for her rich community of friends - i.e. Bush/Clintons/Obama all are following the same basic MAJOR policies, GOP is just more reckless to the overall American economy in implementing them, i.e. GOP policies hurt the rich in the long run as well which is the side they serve... proving it's just rich people in their small group that they really serve). One side pushes for Tax Cuts while pushing expensive war creation strategies. The Other side pushes Tax Increases while pushing less expensive war creation strategies and covering up the war crimes of it's predecessors. Its a joke. People who have lived ONLY in America are the last people to hear of this joke being played on them cause the media keeps them uninformed. Smart & dangerous.

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