Aug 1, 2016

Daily Show Covers The Interesting Loopholes Politicians Create For Themselves To Have Fun

A collection of interesting Daily Show videos about weird politics.

EXPLORING PHILADELPHIAJULY 29, 2016 - Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng explore DNC host city Philadelphia to find out how local entertainment venues and eateries are accommodating new visitors. (3:25)

Highlight (changing laws to have fun);

AMERICA'S NEXT TARP MODELDECEMBER 1, 2011 - A Bloomberg report reveals that the U.S. government loaned banks $7.7 trillion in secret bailout funds at no interest and then borrowed the money back at interest. (7:53)



MARTHA CONVICTEDMARCH 8, 2004 - Be sure to catch Stephen Colbert's special report on Martha Stewart's private life, tomorrow night at 7 on "Martha Stewart: Under the Linen." (3:19)


Faced with the grim prospect of being held financially accountable, lawmakers come together and cripple a bill aimed at more transparent government...    

The problem, of course, is lies being allowed to be sold as truth with no consequences (i.e. the American people are allowed to be fooled by the media and since Politicians turn to polls to make policy we are talking about a ridiculously serious threat to our National Security which no one seems to see). These video by Jon Stewart of a main sponsor of the GOP these past years encapsulates the problem of corruption in America. 

Daily Show Introduces America's Biggest Buyers Using the New Legalized Bribery Laws: Charles and Dave's Excellent Expenditure & Saudi DutyAired: 01/28/15 Views: 99,765The Koch brothers bring campaign financing to the next level when they pledge close to $1 billion to Republican causes in the 2016 presidential election. (8:04)

Democalypse 2014 - South by South Mess: Ad of Brothers - The Koch Brothers become The Daily Show's latest sponsor, prompting Jon to welcome them with some minor adjustments to their advertisement. (4:12)

Jon Stewart thinks the Koch Brothers are trying to hide evil deeds...

Here is how Jon Stewart describes the REAL Koch Industries...

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