Aug 5, 2016

Daily Show On Iran: A Tour Of Iranian Issues - Part 3

Part 2 is here and part 1 is here.

WAIT, WHOSE SIDE ARE WE ON AGAIN? - MARCH 26, 2015 - In a bizarre turn of events, the U.S. suddenly finds itself fighting side by side with its longtime enemy Iran. (2:12)

THE DEAL WORLD: TEHRAN - APRIL 7, 2015 - The U.S. and Iran make significant strides toward a game-changing nuclear deal, but congressional Republicans and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu remain unimpressed. (7:13)

UNDER MINER - MARCH 10, 2015 Senate Republicans sidestep Barack Obama and send a letter to Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warning him not to strike a nuclear deal with the president. (7:44)

JASON JONES: BEHIND THE VEIL - MINARETS OF MENACE REVISITED - JUNE 6, 2013  Jon shares details of his forthcoming documentary, and replays the 2009 Jason Jones piece that started it all. (6:51)

KIM KARDASHIAN: SECRET AGENT WOMAN - MAY 17, 2016 Officials in Iran have accused Kim Kardashian of being a spy who posts revealing photos on Instagram in an attempt to corrupt young people. (1:35)

KIM POSSIBLE - KARDASHIAN SPY CINEMA - TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016 Paul Goebel, Greg Behrendt and Maria Bamford list Kim Kardashian-inspired spy films after Iranian officials accuse the pseudo-celebrity of espionage. (1:04)

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