Aug 3, 2016

Daily Show On Iran: A Tour Of Iranian Issues - Part 1

KEEPING UP WITH IRAN - JANUARY 21, 2016 After Iran agrees to limit its nuclear program and release three U.S. prisoners, tensions increase once again when the country captures a group of American sailors. (5:22)

TERMS OF ENRICHMENT JULY 22, 2015 - The U.S. and Iran reach a landmark nuclear agreement, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several Republicans leaders still aren't satisfied with the deal. (9:57)

DEMOCALYPSE 2016 - MIKE HUCKABEE'S NONSTOP COMMENTARY JULY 27, 2015 Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee brazenly defends his controversial remark equating the Iran nuclear deal to the Holocaust. (3:54)

HEBREW INTERNATIONAL - FEBRUARY 5, 2015 - Speaker of the House John Boehner invites Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress just as President Obama pursues nuclear talks with Iran. (5:30)

RAGING BILL FEBRUARY 24, 2015 Fox News's Bill O'Reilly draws criticism for his past war reporting, and intelligence suggests that Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu misled the U.N. about Iran's nuclear program. (7:13)

THE JON STEWART MYSTERIES PRESENTS: THE CASE OF THE IRANIAN AGENT! APRIL 16, 2015 -  Former Vice President Dick Cheney makes an ironic assertion about the legacy and burden of President Obama's administration. (10:25)

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