Jul 9, 2016

Can Trevor Noah Be Turned to the Libertarian Side? Trevor Noah Agrees With Me That We May Be Better Off With Obama Rather Than Hillary Or Trump...

Here you see Trevor Noah basically agrees with my assessment on that America is screwed as far as the state of politics is concerned as of July 5th 2016 (The writers sometimes read my stuff and sometimes react to it. How so?  I send my stuff to them on twitter (I'm not particularly shy).

HILLARY CLINTON OR DONALD TRUMP: TWO VERY LUCKY NOMINEES - JULY 6, 2016 Many of Hillary Clinton's past statement about the FBI investigation into her emails are proven untrue, and Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein's approach to terrorism. (7:13)

TV Line Smmary: Trevor Noah: If It's Trump vs. Clinton, 'Maybe You Shouldn't Have an Election'
Trevor Noah is convinced that the American populace is “getting into a marriage it’s going to regret” whether it elects Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as Barack Obama’s successor. VIDEOSFBI ‘Seacrested’ the Reveal of Clinton Email Findings, Says Trevor Noah The Daily Show host slammed both the Republican and Democratic nominees on Wednesday in a blistering takedown that referred to them as “Grandma Nixon” and a “traffic cone soaked in raw sewage.” After joking that the decision would be a real Sophie’s Choice, the befuddled comedian suggested that the U.S. skip November’s election altogether if its presidential contenders are a candidate where “just about everything she’s told us for the past year has been a lie,” and a man who thinks it’s okay to praise the work of genocidal dictators like former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

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HILLARY CLINTON EVADES INDICTMENT OVER HER EMAIL SCANDALJULY 5, 2016 - JIM GAFFIGAN - 07/05/2016Bill Clinton casts a shadow over the FBI investigation into his wife Hillary Clinton's emails by secretly meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. (6:10)

For those who have had enough of the state of politics today... there is a third option;

2016's Third Option

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