Jun 18, 2015

Justice Department Indicts FIFA For Denying America A World Cup. Nothing Yet On The Iraq War. Maybe We Need To Declare War A Sport To Get The Justice Department Interested?

So... Bush & Cheney misled the country to war. Made a ton of money in oil with Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton. Our actions led directly to the deaths of 1.2 million people. Killed many soldiers while making it sound like that was OK (it was for oil, afterall).

The beltway media helps cover up the Iraq War Lies... and who does the Justice Department indict? FIFA. Some soccer group from Europe who denied them a possible soccer world cup by accepting bribes for that decision. Clearly the Justice Department's priorities are messed up.

An overview on what the Justice Department thinks is important as an indictable offence;

Kicking & Scheming- After a 24-year investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice brings charges against several top FIFA officials for bribery and money-laundering schemes. (9:01)


At approx 4 minutes Jon Stewart begins to describe what the 24 year sting operation must have been like;

Why did America really decide to take down FIFA;

The US lost out on a world cup and was pissed;

... And what raised the suspicions of our Justice Department? The temperature of where the game was going to be played (maybe Iraqi weather reports will get us some action?)...

Some issues I (& many others) would like the Justice Department to consider;

ISIS Exposed

The Iraq War Cover-Up

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