May 4, 2015

Psychological Mysteries: Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board (Easy Levitation Technique)

This is a technique that  has been shown to work through repetitive experiments. This is the viral marketing approach using fear to spread the one phrase that's need to make this technique work, i.e. "light as a feather, stiff as a board";

Light as a feather, stiff as a board (actually works);

This following the theatrical version of the same technique, only in this one the girl stays levitated AFTER the fingers have been removed

The Craft - Light as a feather, Stiff as a board

(the last part of levitation without the fingers as support doesn't work in real life, if you remove your fingers the person WILL fall).

What else could we learn about ourselves if our medical research wasn't dictated by Big Pharma where simple worakable techniques such as NLP are ignored by doctors in favor of the less successful pharmaceutical drug alternative which happens to be more profitable for a multi-million/billion dollar drug corporation.

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A side note:

Notice how high people are floating in the Dead Sea on which Jesus is reported to have walked (did Jesus use something like the mental trick above?)

Dead Sea Floating...a demonstration:

Look how easy it is to swim at the Dead Sea;

That said, what's this?

Criss Angel Mindfreak: Walk on Lake

Criss Angel Mindfreak: Walk on Lake by AEVideos

A magic trick or a mental one? 

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