May 26, 2015

As Rich People Move Into Gated Communities They Become More & More Out Of Touch With Normal People

When society has wealthy periods a wealthy class tends to emerge which sees itself as above the rest of the population and subject to different rules from the rest of the people. No civilization's rich & powerful class has survived for long without falling (the longest being the British Monarchy who now answer to it's people on stuff they care about - some people say the Industrial revolution onwards constitutes our civilization, in which case we are currently in a civil war with countries forming the "gated communities" that discriminate against other countries that are less wealthy, interesting huh?).

So while the wealthy begin to segregate themselves we get a glimpse into historical truths that keep repeating itself... as society begins to stratify into the haves and have nots, people essentially behave the same way as they always have... like a guy hanging from a tree branch with a hungry lion below him but distracted by the unoccupied honey bee honey withing arms reach... this takes different appearances in different segments of society.

John Hodgman illustrates;

2015: A Space Gated Community - John Hodgman bids farewell to Earth and joins an exclusive group of billionaires in a gated community on Mars. (5:07)

Tropic Plunder - With crackdowns hitting offshore banking in the Cayman Islands, deranged millionaire John Hodgman embarks on a bold journey to protect his extensive assets. (5:16)

Reminds me of Mitt Romney;

Money Talks - Men of a Certain Wage - Moneyed American John Hodgman defends his people against America's attack on the wealthy. (6:36)

Exclusive - An Elegant Message to the 47%-In this exclusive, resident deranged millionaire John Hodgman elegantly restates Mitt Romney's position regarding 47% of Americans. Pre-order "THAT IS ALL" by John Hodgman in paperback and audiobook form. (1:46)

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