Apr 21, 2015

Most Of The GOP-Republicans (Including Jeb Bush & Scott Walker) Support The Unpopular "Religious Freedom" Law

1.Archive: The GOP's "Religious Freedom Laws" Portrays Bigots As Victims
2.WATCH: Jeb Bush Use His Influence With His Brother, George Bush, To Push Through A Law That Has A Minority Of Public Support Proving He Doesn't Answer To The American People

Jeb Bush backs the unconstitutional & cleverly worded "Religious Freedom Laws" which allow discrimination in defiance of the first 10 amendments of the Constitution while calling it "freedom". It's like calling a burglar; a "new owner of old assets" or calling a murderer; "the Hand of God", i.e. new, less fearful sounding, words designed to replace the words that people would normally use to describe this behaviour.

GOP candidates back religious freedom policySteve Kornacki talks to New York Times political reporter Nick Confessore about how republican presidential candidates have voiced support for the religious freedom bill in Indiana, and whether it will help or hinder their bid for the White House.

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