Mar 13, 2015

While GOP Tries To Push For The Re-Invasion Of Iraq We Discover That ISIS Has Already Begun To Fall Apart

Why would the GOP try to push for a re-invasion of Iraq? The most probable reason would be to help ISIS. One thing ISIS has made clear is that it uses video with fancy graphics as a propaganda tool .What ISIS lacks is some footage of them fighting US troops. The GOP  has been struggling very hard to give it to them and in doing so have exposed their ability to both manipulate the media and their ability to manipulate public opinion for war.

Note: Given that Dick Cheney intentionally destabilized Iraq and their invasion of Iraq has increased terrorism... it only makes sense that the GOP's strategy is to help ISIS as the GOP is clearly "the war party". and is clearly out to destroy the United States. This post is design to help my readers closer to that very same conclusion with as much proof as I can pool together.

Report that ISIS is falling apart;

ISIS falling apart from within, reports claim - Brutal, militant group Boko Haram reportedly pledged their official allegiance to the radical group ISIS. Ed Schultz, former Rep. Joe Sestak, Rep. Gerry Connolly and Lacie Heeley discuss.

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The media's involvement is manipulating public opinion:

Reaction to ISIS mirrors the run up to Iraq war - ISIS is committing terrible atrocities, but the media treatment seems to be fueling a reaction that feels increasingly detached from the magnitude of the threat.

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Clear Proof That The Media Creates Public Opinion (Example of Fear-mongering For A Ground War Against ISIS)

Flashback: Netanyahu uses the fearmongering tactics, that Dick Cheney used, to push for war

Cheney's Playbook: Netanyahu makes his case to CongressAfter weeks of anticipation and controversy, the Israeli Prime Minister argued that a nuclear deal with Iran would embolden the regime to acquire the bomb.

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