Mar 27, 2015

Jon Stewart: Fox Is Nothing But A Rush To Judgement In Almost Every Situation

Fox News ignores all the lies and mistakes it has made and focuses of the few things it got right in its 10 year lying spree. For example with Ferguson it talks repeatedly about how it got a physical slogan the protesters were using as inaccurate (which they opposed because they were black people angry at white cops and not because of accuracy or inaccuracy... such things are determined by investigations not tabloid "news" sources).

In any case, once again Fox News ignores everything about Ferguson they got wrong - such as the fact that the police WERE discriminating against it's wards and the cop was in a bad environment ... so the environment itself could have led to the Michael Brown killing (stuff the media should be talking about to fix a situation)... but this would go against the Fox News narrative so they avoid it along with a bunch of other stuff - AND focuses on one thing they got right... only convincing their hardcore viewers and no one else who is actually informed on the issues.

The following segment begins by referring to the last expose on Fox News that Jon Stewart did;

The Special Network - When Fox News seeks recognition for their reporting on the Michael Brown case, liberal Hollywood and the network's biggest fans offer their praise. (4:49):


Jon begins by pointing out that Fox News hasn't made any correction after being proven wrong on Benghazi by thier own Congress;

Fox News is like the inept child (using GOP rhetoric) seeking extra recognition for one accuracy in an ocean of wrongs because 'all kids should get a star'.

She must be referring to someone who got something right on one day on one thing in a long news story. It's a standard anchoring tactic, taking one example of and saying this one example of your own is like the example you just pointed out. Basically, she's focusing on small events and connecting them to other times people got stuff right and saying we are like that based on these observations creating the illusion of being right on a consistent basis.

Yup. On one case within the number of cases for which two reports came out, on a technicality which the protesters were using as a symbol, you got right. A symbol of an issue can change but the issue remains... which Fox News still has not addressed. Nothing proves their dishonorable intentions more than this.

Megyn Kelly isn't as truthful on innocent as she makes herself out to be;

The True Face Of Megyn Kelly Of The Kelly File Of Fox News

Something is seriously wrong with Sean Hannity on so many levels that I don't know if I should even be addressing it. I would probably need a degree in psychiatry to deal with him.

There are even more segments doing that opposite, i.e. creating chaos using lies for a political agenda with so many lies that only people within thier ridiculously creative and large echo chamber of news betraying their viewers and/or readers in various ways using thier network of news sources as a starting point.

So, Megyn Kelly is like Pete Williams.

SO now Jon tries to determine how many things Fox News got right;

Jon notes how many times Fox News got something right and makes fun of it.

Fox news is basically a rush to judgement in nearly all situations (making it possible to oppose them so often that sometimes you accidently oppose something they got right for one);

Then Fox News makes this about them while not correcting it's mistakes (once again proving thier dishonorable intentions);

Jon Stewart feels bad for Megyn Kelly like he did with that Cheney interview where Megyn Kelly challenged Cheney on everything but the fact that he himself had said that invading Iraq was a bad idea in 1994 and that he made money from the Iraq War is left out.

So... was Cheney emotionally involved in winning the Iraq War because of his oil investments in Halliburton who got no-bid oil contracts in Iraq? That would have been a real interview and that's why people like Dick Cheney don't go to people like Rachel Maddow cause they would ask the right sort of questions.

If anything, this whole interview with Cheney was a decoy to make her seem credible because GOP people fear thier leaders (and seem to vote for them believing if they don't they might have to face retaliation... they call this Democracy in action folks) and despite this fear Megyn Kelly was brave to someone like Cheney so she gets points for that. All the while not noticing where the decoy is.

Fox News is like the inept child (using GOP rhetoric) getting its extra recognition for one accuracy in an ocean of wrongs because 'all kids should get a star'.

Jon Stewart is like the Captain Picard in Start Trek...

The rest of the video is best told like this;

Watch George Lucas Mock Fox News on 'The Daily Show'

"Honoring" the network's coverage of the Ferguson shooting, filmmaker teases fake-patriotic titles like 'The Empire Strikes Back, Justifiably' and 'Star Wars: The Clinton Menace'

Jon Stewart demolishes Fox News: “You have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off”

Fox News is demanding a pat on the back from mainstream media, so Jon Stewart is giving it to them

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