Feb 25, 2015

Nightly Show: Larry Wilmore Has A Frank Discussion On Islamophobia

TONIGHTLY - 2/24/1: 13 Larry sets the stage for a frank discussion about Islamophobia in America. (0:33)

HATE CRIME? - MIKE YARD: A North Carolina man murders three Muslim college students, but police are reluctant to call it a hate crime. (7:28):

PANEL - ISLAMOPHOBIA - 4Panelists Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Dean Obeidallah, Reggie Love and Shenaz Treasury discuss how ignorance has contributed to a climate of hostility towards Muslims. (7:45)

PANEL - RADICAL ISLAM - Larry and the panelists weigh the effects of Islamophobia against the threat posed by Islamic extremism. (4:04)

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