Feb 5, 2015

LetsBuyCNN.com: As CNN Struggles To Find It's Voice We Discover That It's "Truth" Is For Sale

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CNN & The King's Speech - As CNN struggles to find its voice, the network receives surprising assistance from legendary boxing promoter, Don King. (3:38):

CNN: A Midsummer News Dreams -When The Daily Show's Kickstarter campaign LetsBuyCNN.com secures enough funding to buy the channel, Jon decides to crowdsource the network's future programming as well. (6:15):

CNN's Antics:

Sesame Street: Let's Go Driving!

Funny Moments Of Zen

Moment of Zen - Wolf Blitzer Can't Stop Himself-Wolf Blitzer reports on the status of a mass murderer in Washington. (0:13):

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Wolf Blitzers attitude on transparency: 

Moment of Zen - What Do You Think, Wolf Blitzer?-Senator Dianne Feinstein reacts to Wolf Blitzer's comment that Americans might die as a result of the CIA torture report. (0:15):

CNN's Reputation:

Moment of Zen - CNN's Coverage of the State of the Union- CNN's Dana Bash awkwardly interviews Vice President Joe Biden as he enters the U.S. Capitol for the State of the Union address. (0:15):

Hard-Hitting News on "Hard Choices" - CNN and Fox News manage to land exclusive interviews with Hillary Clinton on the same day, an accomplishment apparently warranting its own extensive coverage. (8:26):

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