Feb 5, 2015

Chronicles Of CNN: The Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370

Background:  CNN: The Most Busted Name In News

I think CNN covers a few issues that they think they can get some fear based viewers from focusing on tragedies. The techniques they are using to attract viewers while giving them low levels of information could easily be adapted to more useful endeavors as the last Daily Show video in this post shows. Clearly, CNN is not doing that. Jon Stewart (recently) DOES admit that they do seem to be trying.

Debris Search!!!! : Right-wing hero Cliven Bundy shares his disturbing thoughts on African Americans, and CNN gets prematurely excited about potential debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. (3:53):

 The Curious Case of Flight 370 - A paucity of information surrounding the details of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 leaves CNN searching for creative ways to fill the void. (5:10):

No News Bearers - As the Flight 370 mystery remains unsolved, CNN considers a zombie-based disappearance theory and learns a lesson in ocean-wide trash trends. (4:19):

No News Bearers - The Duh Room - With a lack of emerging developments, CNN covers its own coverage of missing Flight 370 and decides to break out of the narrow confines of traditional news reporting. (4:15):

CNN: Do the Right Story -The Best F#@king News Team Ever gives CNN some advice on how to effectively cover climate change. (4:13):

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