Feb 9, 2015

Case Study: Many "Business" Channels (Such As Fox Business) Are Designed To Deceive It's Viewers For Profit - Part 2!

Background: Case Study: Many "Business" Channels (Such As Fox Business) Are Designed To Deceive It's Viewers For Profit (Part 1)

Lets begin with a "Moment of Zen" this time...

Moment Of Zen: "After Rupert Murdoch gets hit with a pie, News Corp.'s stocks spike"...

What could you do with a media empire if you knew opinions can lead to sharp rises and falls of the stock market?

Can marketing fear & terror be a profitable endeavor in the stock market?

In Depth:

People, in our age, have started to play a sort of game with differences in prices (a sort of stock market gambling)...

Approx 4 mins - Stock volatility actually helps the traders. (This has to do with thevariety of maneuvers at their disposal to make money on market fluctuations - Note: This does not include any big money players up to their own plans for better or worse).

Kinds of Laws/"Regulations" We Have:

Samantha from The Daily Show Illustrates Short Selling Which Can Be Used To Destroy Legitimate Companies (with a bias towards fairness)

The following author's book may constitute evidence to re-institute the Glass-Steagal Act to protect private savings from being used as gambling seed money (lying on TV to move prices up & down is also possible using the media)

In this exclusive, unedited interview, "The Great Deformation" author David Stockman prescribes solutions for breaking up the Wall Street casino culture...

Note: '1% Interest rates are the best friend of the .01%' David Stockman

 Quantitative easing 'is good for the rich, bad for the poor'"Real wages and salaries have fallen by £4bn. Profits are up by £11bn. The spoils of the recovery have been shared in the most unequal of ways."

Joshi adds that this also helps to explain why sales of high-end luxury goods have continued to soar, while many consumers have been forced to tighten their belts.

"High-income earners are more exposed to profits as owners of businesses or shareholders. Low-income earners are dependent on wages," he says." -http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/aug/14/quantitative-easing-riots

Asif Mandavi Interviews A Fox Business Commentator:

Some weird arguments against raising the minimum wage...

Objections from Fox News range from the silly to the ridiculous;

1. 'Do you think someone out of high school deserves a higher wage' Fox News Anchor - Answer should be: It's irrelevant because inflation makes modern wages obsolete and outdated.

2. 'Why stop an 15$ as hour? Why not raise the wages to a hundred thousand dollars an hour' Fox News Opinion Guest - Answer should be: The wages should be raised according to the depreciation of the value of currency which means minimum wage should be at approx $23.

3. Unconscionable: Despite a reasonable economic solution to the problem of having welfare paying just enough to survive and minimum wage paying just enough to survive (i.e. Solution: Raise the wage to $21-23, so the money multiplier effect can get to work and provide a boost to the economy using it's workers... while providing us with the kinda wages we made in 1913). Fox News anchors only solution seems to be to make the living conditions of US Citizens worse in every way possible!

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