Feb 6, 2015

Case Study: The Heart Breaking State Of Denial About 9/11 In The Liberal Media

Huge spy-thriller who-dunnit:  Chris Hayes looks at the strange shooting death of a prosecutor who was investigating the bombing of a Jewish center in 1994, and wanted to arrest the current President of Argentina.

Chris Hayes thinks that a murder on 9/11 would be a big story. (The answer is that the story is as big as the media makes it)

For some reason the media seems to think it's job is to hyperventilate when they come across a tragedy or 'a big story' that sounds like it could be a big story YET the media knows AND has shown it can easily manipulate public opinion to motivate them for war... maybe they can do the same for keeping the peace and present stories without freaking people out (which would make the 9/11 story an easy one to tell).

I think an even bigger story would be the media's incompetence on Iraq or the fact that the media KNOWS it influences public opinion... BRAGS ABOUT IT when they got public opinion behind military action for ISIS without Congress doing it's job and debating the issues ...
Did the media push the President to act against ISIS? Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn weigh in on the media and ISIS
TAKEWAY: The news media DOES influence public opinion and the people in the media know this. Obviously the source where people get their information from will influence their opinions, thus the media DOES have the ability to mislead the public... all it has to do is misreport the news, lie about the news, make up facts or simply leave out facts that would help people make better decisions. (I saw this bragging on other channels as well including The Rachel Maddow show, so they know what I'm talking about)

Then out comes Rachel Maddow and calls something a "conspiracy" which was never investigated in a transparent manner. By anyone.

The government’s plan to take over your life! Rachel Maddow explains with some sarcasm the sort of program on which Rand Paul has been found on video from 2009 explaining how vaccinations are part of a slippery slope to martial law. 

i.e. I'm referring to the medias performance (or lack of it) on and after 9/11. Even the commission set up turned out to be highly questionable.

The media didn't even cover the Iraq war, I don't understand why anyone informed would think it somehow covered 9/11, which was even more traumatic than the Iraq War. The media's lack of response clearly is proof positive that the media has been compromised by 9/11.

Related proofs:

Bush's Legacy: A Bill Moyers documentary exploring how mainstream media failed to question the war in Iraq 

So when people freak out and think vaccines are part of a Government conspiracy, you have to understand that there is a reason for this. Not everyone can disbelieve scientific evidence RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES unless they have an emotional involvement in keeping the truth from reaching their conscious mind. Also, notice that despite the increase in transparency under the "Obama Administration" there hasn't been a corresponding increase in convictions for crimes. Or even proper investigations.

New video makes Rand Paul backpedal on vaccines even less convincing - Rachel Maddow reports on newly unearthed video of Rand Paul speaking on a conspiracy show about the dangers of vaccinations as conservative media outlets slammed him for more recent anti-vaccine comments that he has since tried to walk-back.

Moment Of Zen:

American Idle Speculation - High Tech Jungle Hijacking MSNBC struggles to remain the voice of reason in the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery. (1:56):

How can you hope to become be the voice of reason when you don't use all the facts in making your TV analysis?

Why can't some people even consider the evidence as a possibility of conspiracy?

Even with all the distrust of the government that is common in the United States to think that all those people were killed to make money- and to cover up fraud- is too much to handle. To think that the largest attacks on the United States mainland, for a country that has historically been isolated by the oceans around it from any large economic and military power (an advantage that has decreased over time and will continue to), is difficult. But to have all those raw emotions directed towards a target enemy without an investigation followed by years of war with serious emotional, economic and social consequences to believe that all this extra death could be unnecessary is really too much for many people to take. Rachel Maddow is clearly one of them, right?

For example;
Study: Anxiety, depression, acute stress in combat troops
Self-Blame for a Death Resulting in Depression 

Hope for the future:

If there is a proper transparent investigation with balanced news media reporting then there will be hue and cry but people will balance themselves in the new environment and get on with their lives.

If there is a lingering legacy of Sept. 11, 2001, this is it: Americans fear terrorist attacks, but they've come to live with the threat. They let workers dig through bags at Disney World. They take off shoes, submit to scans and frisks, and walk through metal detectors. They then set fear aside. And move on.

Separating political myth from living in the real world with problems of living such as money or relationships;

Thus the idea that most American's lives profoundly changed after 9/11 is simply a patriotic myth. That’s not to say that some people (especially those in Manhattan at the time) were not, and are not, sincerely devastated by the attacks—just that they are not representative of most Americans. For most who were traumatized in the months after the attacks, any lingering pain has faded in the decade since.

So why do so many people believe that Americans were -- and are -- so devastated? Sensational and biased news coverage is part of the reason many people overestimate the emotional impact of the attacks. In reporting tragedy, when there is any question of the extent of the damage (both physical and emotional) the news media consistently emphasize gloom and devastation.

Journalists always focus on the most panicked and alarmed victims after any disaster. The majority of Americans who were temporarily saddened but recovered quickly and moved on with their lives are not newsworthy, and thus not represented in the news. Most Americans are far more resilient than the experts and public gave them credit for. Perhaps that is the real legacy of the September 11 attacks.

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