Feb 22, 2014

Ponderings 4 - Will Anyone Ever Tell The Republicans That The Nazis Would ONLY Vote For Them?

It's strange that after calling all liberals "Nazis" including the Democratic President Obama - who for the first time is a black man which is like the visual fulfillment of Nixon's Southern Strategy that won him the election (which creates it's own opportunities and problems) - the ACTUAL lineage of the Nazis, now called the Neo Nazis, ALL vote Republican... and even seem to be the hidden leaders of the Tea Party.

I think it has something to do with lack of self-reflection and self-awareness that seems to be rampant in the GOP base. A stark example is that of Megyn Kelly who - following in Glenn Beck's footsteps - cursed out the Liberals for years till someone got shot than changed thier tune overnight... and, like fish, the Fox News watchers gobbled up everything they were told without any memory; i.e. ...

A REAL Nazi can never be anything but a Christian (It's why Nazi scientists were absorbed into US Society so easily after WW2 and possibly why Neo Nazism is such a strong movement - especially within the Republican Party - today). Though often, as atheism is a reaction to Christianity/Religion, atheists do act in an intolerant manner which gives further weight to a Christian (& thus the Republican Media i.e. Fox News) view that they are being unreasonable. The fascinating thing is that they are often reflections of each other. That said atheists are ultimately more likely to see reason and be tolerant than a religious person who is convinced about thier beliefs whether they are scripturally accurate or not.

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