Apr 25, 2013

Once Again Congress Is Successful In Protecting It's Shady Insider Trading Deals


Washington D.C., TARP & Homeowners Nonsense Explained In 3 Videos & 1 Image

The Financial Crisis Explained In 3 Videos (Only one is over 7 minutes)

4 Videos Under 7 Minutes Illustrating Congress In Full (Includes Daily Show's previous expose's of Congresses Insider Trading)

Notice that in the USA the government officials can do insider trading etc. and NOT even have to disclose their financial information... i.e. there are no consequences for corruption! Just like in Pakistan! Only they actually talk about it on the media in Pakistan (but Pakistan has a higher corruption rating!)!

Faced with the grim prospect of being held financially accountable, lawmakers come together and cripple a bill aimed at more transparent government...    

Proven: Paul Ryan Caught Doing Insider Trading! Did He Make A Deal With Mitt Romney?

Proven: Proofs Of Mitt Romney Taking Bailouts

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