Mar 22, 2013

Amanpour On Iraq: Where were the journalists?

Background: Rachel Maddow Video: Here is the GOP answering questions on abortion etc. during the general elections 

Amounpour CNN: Iraq: Where were the journalists?

How could so many incorrect assertions in the lead up to the Iraq war have been taken as fact?

After the war, some of the United States’ leading newspapers were forced to apologize for getting it so wrong.

But two reporters consistently got it right: Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel, former Knight Ridder reporters for the McClatchy newspapers.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour marking the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, they cited reporters’ access to top officials in Washington as one of the top problems. The top-level bureaucrats, they said, had more of a propensity to spin toward the line that the Bush Administration was pushing.

“Most of our reporting was with intelligence, military and diplomatic midlevel and lower level – the types that journalists don't really talk to or go after,” Warren Strobel told Amanpour.

In the video above you can watch the complete interview, reflecting on journalism in the lead up to the Iraq war. The journalists also explain why some of their own newspapers wouldn’t even print their stories.

Could this be a better explanation of "Failures" by journalists,  which essentially amounts to doing journalism in opposition to popular opinion, judging from the above interview...

George Carlin on bombing brown people...

Or is it simpler than that? Are most journalists simply bought? That means they knew what they were doing and stayed quite. Should journalists as old as the Iraq War be fired if they didn't do their jobs? Shouldn't people in charge of decision making be fired as well?

What Amanpour said in the above video was basically 'yes, there were journalistic failures in the way that there were intelligence failures'... given the evidence we have now on the "intelligence failures of the Iraq War from BBC News, i.e. Breaking: Iraq Spies Lies Exposed! & Tony Blair Ignores His Own Spy Agencies! ... what does that say about "failures" by journalists of this time?

"Republican's and thier revenue sources own 90% of media".

Video 2: Part 2 of the above interview.

It may also help to watch this video as well as this one.... and this one

BTW, when does this "failure" of "journalists" come to light? 

Moment Of Zen...

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