Oct 1, 2010

Alan Greenspan, The IMF and The World Bank (Part 2 of 10)

Rep. Bernard Sanders vs. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan and the Imf

Alan also has an impressive record on the international stage. He has been a consistent friend and ally of the Fund. He has been a consistent foe of protectionism, and I hope he will continue to be active in opposing protectionism in the months and years ahead. He has played a quiet but influential role in crises ranging from Mexico and Korea in the 1990's to Brazil more recently, and he has always shown deep understanding of the links between the U.S. and global economies.

More Proof That Alan Greenspan Was Wrong: Anti-Predatory Laws Slowed Foreclosures

Banks to Benefit from Programs to Help Unemployed Homeowners?

IMF's Role in the Asian Financial Crisis

More about greenspan

Greenspan Testimony

Advice to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: How to Question Alan Greenspan on April 7, 2010

World Bank Comedy Relief

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