Oct 12, 2022

Eastern Philosophy With Alan Watts - The Taoist Way

Here Alan Watts talks about the Taoist way of seeing the world and how to 'go with the flow' ("follow the grain") of things by not forcing yourself to act but acting out of spontaneity. Then he goes into descriptions of the Taoist sage.

Alan Watts' Being in the Way Podcast Ep. 2

“The whole conception of nature is as a self-regulating, self-governing, democratic organism. But it has a totality; it all goes together. This totality is the Tao.” – Alan Watts

“There is no one who perceives anything, no one who experiences anything. There is simply seeing and experiencing. We introduce all of these redundancies through talk. We talk about seeing sights, hearing sounds, feeling feelings. All that is irrelevant. There are sights, there are sounds, there are feelings. You don’t feel a feeling. The feeling itself already contains the feeling of it.” – Alan Watts

“When a Taoist sage is wandering through the forest, he isn’t going anywhere. He’s just wandering. When he watches the clouds, he loves them because they have no special destination. He watches birds moving around, he watches waves lapping on the shore, because all this is not busy in the way human beings are busy, because it serves no end other than being what it is now. It is for that reason that he admires it.” – Alan Watts

Eastern Philosophy

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