May 14, 2020

GOP's Trump Administration Is Projected To Kill The Most People In The World With Their Covid-9 Response! They Should Get An Award For Being The Most Successful Terrorist Government In A Wealthy Democracy

1. Fox News And The GOP Are Basically Terrorist Organizations (Based On Their Rhetoric & The Effects Of That Rhetoric)
2. Study Confirms Hannity Has Killed His Viewers With His Misinformation About The Coronavirus
3. John Oliver Scoops Mainstream Media By Showing How Fox News Controls Trump's Words & Actions On Coronavirus

32 countries are beating coronavirus. The U.S. isn't one.- Chris Hayes looks at how the U.S.’s coronavirus response compares to that of other countries: “It's really hard to look at all this data and come to any conclusion other than that our leaders are failing.”

Chris Hayes: Trump will try to lie to you about the death toll Chris Hayes: “Having utterly failed at containing the virus and protecting Americans, President Trump is now going to try to lie to you about the death toll.”

Related research by Media Matters:

Timeline: How Trump’s Fox News fixation shaped the federal coronavirus response

Laura Ingraham attacks the “obsession” with coronavirus testing Ingraham: “Testing, testing, testing, a common refrain from the left, but that's not necessarily the best way out of this, is it?”

Tucker Carlson lied about Fauci's testimony on schools reopening

Fox’s Dr. Marc Siegel predicts no “big second wave” of coronavirus in America

Fox's weekslong campaign to downplay America's coronavirus death toll

Month to month, Fox News’ coronavirus coverage has dropped more than 20% The last week has seen a more than 40% decline from peak coverage

Coronavirus Analysis

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