May 9, 2019

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns - Part 5 (2000)

HEADLINES - GUNS 'N' POSES 3/13/2000 The gun death rate is down to a thirty year low and you know what that means: time to buy!

MOMENT OF ZEN - MOMS WITH GUNS 5/15/2000 A mother at a pro-gun rally explains how guns can help their daughters stave off rape.

MIDDLE EAST MEDIA GRAPHICS 10/16/2000 Guns, rocks, a driving score and sepia tones: MSNBC's Middle East Crisis graphic is very "Howards End."

HEADLINES - MOMS AWAY! 5/15/2000 Mothers march on Washington both to decry guns and to laud guns as the ultimate in feminine protection.

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns

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