May 8, 2019

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns - Part 4 (2000)

AD NAUSEAM - NRA 4/26/2000 The NRA reaches out to kids with a new mascot, Eddie Eagle; he's the Joe Camel of firearms. 

INDECISION 2000 - REPUBLICAN MENU 4/27/2000 The Republicans raise a record shattering $21.3 million for George W. Bush with the help of AT&T, Philip Morris and the NRA.

INDECISION 2000 - THE SON ALSO ADVISES 4/26/2000 The final tally: Jesus for Gore; musical theater Jesus for Bill Bradley; N.R.A. president Charlton Heston, aka Moses, for Bush.

HEADLINES - CHARLES IN CHARGE 5/30/2000 The NRA re-elects Charlton Heston and finalizes plans to open a gun-themed, family friendly restaurant in Times Square.

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns

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