Apr 29, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 22 (2007)

LIBBY VERDICT 3/6/2007 It's so like the media to focus on Scooter Libby's four out of five guilty verdicts -- they always see the glass as 80% guilty.

THREATDOWN - CHENEY'S CLOT 3/6/2007 It's not enough that the mainstream media is against this president; now even the laws of physics are jumping on the anti-Bush bandwagon.

PRAY FOR STEPHEN 2/6/2007 Stephen received a form letter informing him that he is one of the most powerful personalities in media and for this reason he has earned himself a day of being prayed for.

THREATDOWN - THE WEATHER CHANNEL 1/23/2007 Stephen provides a media watchdog edition of the ThreatDown, complete with a shot at The Weather Channel.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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