Apr 28, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 21 (2006)

HEADLINES - TWO BILL CLINTONS 9/25/2006 Which version of former President Clinton will the media report on: angry Clinton or informational Clinton?

APOCALYPSE NOW? 8/3/2006 The American media focuses on Armageddon and religious zealots.

HEADLINES - 6/6/06 6/6/2006 The news media ponder the meaning of the date 6/6/06. Some say bad things will happen -- bad things like the apocalypse.

RAMESH PONNURU 5/17/2006 Author Ramesh Ponnuru discusses his views on abortion and stem cell research and why he thinks the democrats, the media and the courts disregard human life.

ALITO HATERS 1/11/2006 Stephen proves that, contrary to media criticism, Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito is an exciting and hilarious man.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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