Dec 5, 2018

Yet More Proof That The GOP Are Defying The Constitution ( And Their Oaths Of Office) By Not Impeaching Trump For Obstruction Of Justice

1. GOP Take "Betraying Thier Oath To the Constitution" To A Whole New Level!
2. More High Crimes, Misdemeanors & Emoluments Clause (Constitutional) Violations By Trump Enabled By The GOP!
3. GOP's War On the Constitution: Lack Of Impeachment Over The Emoluments Clause Indicates Republicans Don't Respect The Constitution

GOP have now established a verifiable tradition of defying the Constitution and lying with intent to obstruct justice or deceive the people. The latest post just adds to the growing evidence that the GOP are not following BASIC precedent concerning Obstruction of Justice established from the Nixon impeachment by the Congress of that era. In other words, they are in clear violation of their oaths of office by not impeaching Trump for obstruction of justice AND the emoluments clause. The Russia collusion thing is a separate issue altogether. GOP are traitors and they prove it everyday (more links to proof below).

Lawrence: This should be an article of impeachment Lawrence shows how President Trump's latest tweets attacking Mueller match the actions that members of Congress voted to impeach Nixon over in 1974. Fmr. Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks, Harry Litman and David Corn discuss the latest in the investigation, including a report on Mueller's endgame. Duration: 21:18

Here are screenshots of the relevant articles of impeachment related to Obstruction of Justice (read the full articles of impeachment approved by Congress for Nixon, HERE)

Trump is clearly trying to influence and silence witnesses!

Trump tweets that are obviously in violation of impeachment precedent for obstruction of justice being ignored by the GOP congress, i.e. Trump is obviously trying to influence false testimony;

More related context;

GOP Treason Tactics: Documenting Some Of The Obstruction Of Justice Attempts By The Republicans Using Memos (Such As the Nunes Memo)

TRAITORS! Proofs Of Trump And The GOP Being Traitors! (A Walk-through The Russia Lies & Coverups)

#CorkerKickback: A Perfect Example Of The GOP Openly Using Bribes To Get Votes On Their Sham Tax Bill

Trump Said He Would "Drain The Swamp" And Now He Has Become The Swampiest Of Them All! And The GOP Support This.

Trump Has Become A Dictator Of Orwellian Proportions! GOP Have Enabled A Monster!

Trump's Obstruction Of Justice Saga: Trump Has Made Obstruction Of Justice One Of His Favorite Pastimes

GOP's War On the Constitution

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