Dec 19, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 38 (2014-15)

THE WELFARE RANCHER ON THE MERITS OF SLAVERY 4/24/2014 Right-wing hero Cliven Bundy shares his disturbing thoughts on African Americans, and CNN gets prematurely excited about potential debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

HARD-HITTING NEWS ON "HARD CHOICES" 6/18/2014 CNN and Fox News manage to land exclusive interviews with Hillary Clinton on the same day, an accomplishment apparently warranting its own extensive coverage.

MOMENT OF ZEN - THAT TYPE OF STUFF 6/17/2014 CNN's Elise Labott drops an s-bomb while describing the hoops the U.S. will have to jump through if they want to send military aid to Iraq.

MOMENT OF ZEN - SOCCER 6/19/2014 Using the World Cup as an example, CNN's John Berman shows how easy it is to irritate Europeans.

UNCLE JONNY'S SUPER KUSH, TOTALLY CHILLAXED, STICKY-ICKY, INFORMATIVE MARIJUANA NEWS REPORT 4/20/2015 As smoking pot becomes an increasingly legalized and mainstream activity, CNN creates 4/20 programming, and Jessica Williams clues Jon in on how people smoke pot in 2015.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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