Dec 9, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 33 (2012-13)

MOMENT OF ZEN - "POLITICAL BUZZ" 4/10/2012 Guests on CNN's "Political Buzz" have 20 seconds to answer questions of the day.

WRONGNADO - CNN 9/17/2013 Reporting on a mass shooting in Washington, CNN doesn't let a lack of facts get in the way of drawing speculative conclusions.

CNN BEST WALK EVER 11/5/2013 CNN comes back from commercials to a commercial covering what they could have done during a commercial.

THIS IS CNN? 4/22/2013 While other networks used a studio anchor to keep Boston bombing coverage from going adrift, CNN instead went with a sandlot football approach.

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE CNN PARKING LOT 5/8/2013 CNN connects via satellite via the same parking lot.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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