Dec 8, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 32 (2012)

ENDLESS SUFFRAGE 2012 - STATES' RIGHTS EDITION - YO! CNN SNAPS 5/9/2012 Obama loses 40% of the West Virginia primary vote to an inmate who might be wearing a coonskin cap, and Dick Lugar is out after 36 years in the Senate.

EXCLUSIVE - FAREED ZAKARIA EXTENDED INTERVIEW PT. 1 7/23/2012 In this exclusive, unedited interview, CNN's Fareed Zakaria says that Russian intransigence conveniently covers for a lack of good solutions to the Syrian conflict.

CABLE NEWS GAFFE ON OBAMACARE SUPREME COURT RULING 6/28/2012 The Supreme Court rules Obamacare constitutional, despite CNN and Fox's opposite breaking news.

THE SUPREME COURT'S OBAMACARE RULING - CNN & FOX NEWS REPORT 6/28/2012 The Supreme Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, and CNN races with Fox News to see which news organization will be the first to report the great decision.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CASEY ANTHONY SPEAKS 6/13/2012 The component parts of The Daily Show are revealed, and Fox News reports on CNN's Casey Anthony scoop.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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