Dec 13, 2018

Paul Ryan: Liar, Traitor. The GOP Should Just Be Called "The Party Of Death"

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2. Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny: The Paul Ryan Example, i.e. "Paul Ryan Is A Bad Person", So Why Won't The Media Tell The American People?
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4. Paul Ryan's And The GOP's Economic Treason In A Nutshell
5. Koch's Are Like Thanos From Avengers Infinity War! (The Right's Version Of Capitalism Could Be Called Thanos Economics!)
6. Trump's America: The GOP Sentences At Least 15,000 To 17,000 Americans To Death EVERY YEAR! (i.e. The Effects Of 13 Million Uninsured)

Paul Ryan knows this economy is just a continuation of the Obama years (its basic economics) and he still wants to take credit for it for elections showing that lying is the foundation of Paul Ryan's politics. This post will prove that Paul Ryan is a lair and terrorist/traitor to boot.

Given what the GOP passes before and under Paul Ryan (he been influential for quite some years now), and that they are always supporting killing people, at home and abroad, maybe they should be renamed "The Party Of Death".


Paul Ryan Begs Donald Trump To Talk Economy, Instead Donald Trump Talks Fear | The Last Word | MSNBC - President Donald Trump continues to campaign on fear of immigrants before the midterm election in spite of a plea from house speaker Paul Ryan. Election Night expectations? Lawrence discusses with Maria Teresa Kumar, Michael Steele, and Jennifer Palmieri.

With bogus economic boasts, Paul Ryan flunks an easy test

Americans received some encouraging economic news on Friday – GDP growth reached 4.1% between April and June – though it came with some caveats. Some of the results were driven by one-time factors, and most economists believe growth will be slower in the second half of the year.
Donald Trump and his allies nevertheless launched a deeply deceptive and cynical public-relations campaign, filled with boasts that didn’t make any sense, and which appeared designed to exploit public ignorance.
Yesterday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) added insult to injury, using social media to highlight this piece his office published online.
They said it couldn’t be done. ‘They,’ in this case, are progressive economists, and ‘it’ is strong economic growth.
Friday’s news that our economy is growing at its fastest rate since 2014 shows just how far we’ve come in a relatively short time. Remember that growth during the Obama administration was so slow for so long that it was called the ‘new normal.’ … We’ve chosen to put America back on a path of growth, and the American people are better off now.
This is a terrific encapsulation of a terrible argument, so let’s unpack it.
First, there are literally zero progressive economists who said 4.1% quarterly economic growth couldn’t be done. Not one. To insist that “they said it couldn’t be done” is demonstrably false. What progressive economists said was that an annual growth rate this high wouldn’t happen – and those economists were right.
I’m going to assume that Ryan – celebrated by his fans as a “wonk” who cares about economic arithmetic – knows the difference between a quarter (3 months) and a year (12 months). The alternative is that he actually believes his nonsensical pitch.
Second, it’s hard not to be amused by the contradictions of the House Speaker’s piece. As Ryan sees it, economic growth during the Obama administration was too “slow.” Fortunately, he added, we’re now seeing the strongest growth since 2014.
Remind me, who was in office in 2014?
Ryan’s argument, in a nutshell, is that Obama-era growth was weak, but fortunately, we’re now seeing the kind of growth we saw in the Obama era.
Indeed, the Speaker’s reference to 2014 is of particular interest. It was in 2014 that Republicans invested enormous amounts of energy into pushing a very specific case: the combination of the Affordable Care Act, federal regulations, Dodd-Frank reforms, and higher taxes acted as a “wet blanket” on economic growth.
Except, in 2014, we saw quarterly growth climb as high as 5.1% – which is quite a bit higher than the latest quarterly growth that Republicans are so excited about.
My point is not to pick on Paul Ryan specifically. Since Friday morning, all kinds of Republicans and their allies have made obvious mistakes about basic details, and it’d be unfair to suggest the House Speaker is somehow unique in peddling false, misleading, and cynical claims.
But there’s a general expectation that Paul Ryan, more so than most, knows what he’s talking about, especially when it comes to economic data. Those assumptions are proving to be about as reliable as the House Speaker’s “They said it couldn’t be done” piece.

Paul Ryan’s sore-loser comments about California House races don’t merit serious attention
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) recently complained that “ballot harvesting” led to many California House races being called for Democrats days or weeks after Election Day, garnering significant press coverage. But why should anyone care about the conspiratorial whining of a retiring congressman who was unwilling to defend his own seat in the 2018 midterms?
If Ryan -- who has an undeserving reputation in some mainstream press circles as a serious statesman -- wants to talk about fairness and elections, he should speak out about North Carolina’s 9th District. In that race, evidence has emerged that Republican candidate Mark Harris’ staff or supporters may have attempted to steal the election by throwing away and altering absentee ballots. Or he should speak out about two GOP-controlled legislatures -- one in his home state of Wisconsin -- that are attempting to pre-emptively strip powers from incoming Democratic administrations solely because the Republicans don’t like the election outcomes.
Ryan complained about California House race results during a November 29 appearance at a Washington Postevent, claiming that a vote counting procedure used in California that causes a delay in final counts led to “a very, very strange outcome.” He added, “When you win the absentee ballots and you win the in-person vote, where I come from, you win the election.” Ryan said that he wasn’t “saying there’s anything nefarious about it, … but we believed we were up about six seats in California the night of the election, now I think we lost just about every single one of those.” (The Washington Post write-up of his remarks even noted, “Ryan said he wouldn’t go so far as to ask the state attorney general to review the results but suggested that The Washington Post should write a story about it,” suggesting Ryan knows in his heart that his complaints are whiny bullshit that only plays in the press.)
What Ryan is complaining about -- a process that has pejoratively been called “ballot harvesting” -- is California’s election procedure, which intentionally takes time to determine the legitimacy of provisional ballots and count those that are valid. In other words, it’s pro-representative democracy.
Conservative outlets, nonetheless, are championing Ryan’s comments as evidence of a Democrat-led voter fraud conspiracy or, at a minimum, support for the backward notion that California’s process is unfair. In one instance, a Townhall article with the headline “‘Ballot Harvesting,’ California Dems’ Latest Election Stealing Tool” noted, “The statewide results even drew the attention of the normally squishy soon-to-be former House Speaker Paul Ryan.” Some mainstream outlets uncritically regurgitated Ryan’s conspiratorial claims in headlines, with The Hill writing, “Ryan casts doubt on 'bizarre' California election results,” and Politico claiming, “GOP cries foul after California thumping.”
Ryan’s disingenuousness is also evidenced by an anti-democratic power grab being attempted in his own backyard that he hasn’t found the gumption to speak out about. Despite racist attempts by Republicans to suppress votes in Wisconsin, Democrats were victorious in all elections for statewide constitutional officeson November 6, with the late-night count of absentee ballots pushing Democrat Tony Evers ahead of Republican Gov. Scott Walker. In response to Walker’s defeat, the GOP legislature is poised to pass a package of bills that will strip huge numbers of powers from the executive branch.
While Ryan’s California comments have received a great amount of press attention, what is happening in Wisconsin has not:

@politico covers politics, so naturally they'd have stories about the Wisconsin crisis, right? Nope. None yet.
By the way: not only have the NYT, WaPo, Politico, CNN, and MSNBC all failed to post a single original story about the Wisconsin GOP power grab, which could be voted into law in less than 48 hours—they've also ignored the one underway in Michigan. Hope this changes tomorrow.

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If Ryan wants to whine to the press about elections and fairness, he should be forced to talk about Wisconsin, or about a similar effort by Republicans in Michigan, or about North Carolina’s 9th District.

Paul Ryan's cowardly act on Yemen Speaker Paul Ryan blocks the House from debating support for Saudi War in Yemen, which has starved tens of thousands and threatens to starve 14 million people.

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