Dec 28, 2018

Mike Pence Represents Some Of The Worst Behavior & Unconstitutional Beliefs Of The Republicans/GOP (With John Oliver)

1. Trump Has Become A Dictator Of Orwellian Proportions! GOP Have Enabled A Monster!
2. Even More Proof That The GOP Are Defying The Constitution ( And Their Oaths Of Office) By Not Impeaching Trump
3. Archive: The GOP's "Religious Freedom Laws" Portrays Bigots As Victims

Mike Pence is a GOP partisan warrior against the Constitution.

Mike Pence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Mike Pence is much more unlikable than his pet rabbit who stars in a new children's book created by the Pence family and in a better children's book created by us. To purchase our book, visit:

GOP's War On the Constitution

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

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